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so my final project for my Animation class is to make a video with original characters & story.

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basado en esto 
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Sunday, January 19, 2014
Charles se sostenía como podía encima de la silla. Erik estaba de espaldas hacia él no dejando que ninguna de las personas que estaban ahí se le acercaran. Él discutía con ellos. Estaba gritando y no dejaba ir la mano esposada de Charles.
Escena de mi fanfic Strength of the World :))))
Friday, January 10, 2014

bereweillschmidt: things will ease out, I promise.

# exR # I know you wanted to cheer rl-me up but your beautiful drawing gave my deathfic-infected mind an exR modern AU idea: # soulbound verse. university. art and law on the same campus. R and E are both unhappy in their own ways because of canon reasons. # both haven’t found their soulmates yet. E neither believes in it nor has time for it and R just accepted that he won’t find his one. # until they meet. R realizes the bond immediately. E reacts rather badly and ignores it from then on. concentrating on his studies instead # R tries to spend as much time with him as it’s possible from a distance. he doesn’t want to disturb or push him # until he notices how E gets more and more miserable. when he tries to reach out E ignores him. the bond seems to force itself on him. # soon R realizes that it isn’t the bond that troubles E. it feels like he gets physically sick by just looking at R. so he decides to leave # when he comes back after a couple of months E looks healthier and R is hopeful that they can finally start to be properly together # but when he approaches him E violently shakes his head and whispers ”Please. not again” # and that’s when the penny drops - # after E’s bad reaction to their first meeting R’s cynicism wreaked havoc with his mind. he had seen his point proven - # that he wasn’t worth anything. not even his own soulmate # so he searched for any worth at the bottom of too many bottles # E came too late and could only apologize to a grave. # he was never able to tell R that he didn’t mean it. that he hurried to him right after he realized his mistake # but then he started to see R’s ghost. a painful reminder with more compassion in his eyes than E was ever able to show R himself. # it was too much to bear so he tried to ignore him. until he left. # only to come back a couple of months later.. # SORRY for the tag spam x( I should stop listening to /watch?v=8ch9ILDHAus # submission  (via thetendershark)
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

have a really, really good day :)

Happy Holidaaaays~ <3
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