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an ɑstɹonɑut in soul and mind

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this summer i was supposed to work on my halloween costume but oh well it’s gone. so now i have to decide.

and i have to spend money.

it’s far away but ordering stuff on the internet takes one month so— i have to decide quickly.

and for the first one i have to also buy boots so— IDK.

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because weltentraum told me to draw something that made me happy ;v;

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poor Curtis.

way to go, Tanya!

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snowpiercer // captain america: the winter soldier au because morefunthanevisceration and i can’t stop sharing headcanons ! hope you like it ~

i need a shower

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to me.

i am selfish and i drew semi-naked Steve for me.

and yes, that’s a Shrek reference.

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July 4th. Keep on inspiring us to be better and to give the best of us out there.

July 4th. Keep on inspiring us to be better and to give the best of us out there.

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this was for my RP account but I really liked it.

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SteveTonyFest 2014

d  o  g   t  a  g  s

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what’s with these plots about best friends losing memories and shit

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weltentraum asked: Color warm up thingy when you have time: 10 + and currently fav character (which comes to your mind first?) :)


our conversations are solely penny dreadful lately so..


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my sister requested these two. pre-serum!Steve is my weakness

ignore the perspective, i have zero knowledge. 

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